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No Place for Tender Hearts 

California, 1852. In a town where men outnumber women 50 to 1, Caroline Dougherty carves a path of wealth and influence. But when former lover-turned-rival, Henry Sinclair seeks to gain some of that wealth for himself, Caroline is forced to fend off his underhanded deeds. And when grief-stricken Daniel Houser comes to town in search of a new life, he catches Caroline’s eye. She isn’t the only one to notice when Henry finds himself with a sudden jealous streak. 


While Caroline battles to retain all she has worked for, she finds herself under attack on another front when young Sarah Connelly turns up on her doorstep. Coming from money and privilege back in Boston, Sarah made the treacherous journey west to find Caroline. 


Her world is soon turned on end and she knows she must keep the truth of Sarah’s family hidden from Henry, for it would only add fuel to his fire. However, when Caroline learns a man searches for Sarah, a man with the power to destroy the town, she must decide who are her enemies and who are her friends. 


Absolutely loved the book. Had me glued to it from start to finish. Such a compelling read. I have read a few “ western style “ books from my authors but this one is amongst the best, if not the best.

...Amazon Reviewer

Praise & Reviews

It is a long time since I read a book and had no idea whatsoever was going to happen!  Twists and turns and unexpected outcomes.  I didn’t see the ending(s) at all.  

...Amazon Reviewer

I'm a fan of Robin Mahle's mystery books so when she said she was going to create pen name Christine Chase to write Historical Fiction, I was all in. This book does not disappoint. Beautifully written, yet kept Robin's signature twists and turns!

...Amazon Reviewer

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About Christine Chase

Christine Chase is the pseudonym for bestselling mystery/thriller author Robin Mahle. The separate name allows readers to distinguish this from her other works.


She chose to write in the historical fiction genre due to her love of the American West. Having been raised in Arizona helped cultivate that love.


Robin currently lives in Coastal Virginia with her husband and two children.

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